Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Pail List

At last, spring break has arrived, and not a moment too soon I wager, as I think of the weary looks of my co-workers.  Pretty sure it's the same fatigue I see in the mirror.  But in the weeks leading up to this time, I've been secretly daydreaming of things I want to do, and the niggling chores that have been gnawing at the back of my mind.  Not a grand "bucket" list - no, I don't plan on kicking one of those soon - but more of a "pail" sized list of things I can get done over a few days off.

My Pail List for Spring Break 2014

  1. Start my first soutache project
  2. Try at least one new recipe
  3. Make headway in reorganizing and spring cleaning the kitchen
  4. Read
  5. Learn to fold napkins
  6. Continue to kick butt
Yeah, you read it. Me, who would eternally wear jeans and t-shirt for every occasion if possible, wants to learn high-falutin' napkin folding.  It's been a secret obsession for several years now, rekindled by Knoxville Junior League cookbook I picked up awhile back. I have a few church and junior league collections, and this is one I find near and dear as one whose childhood spanned the 80s.  It was written to coincide with the 1982 Worlds Fair, and showing we indeed are a classy bunch in these parts, the cookbook had a section of suggested menus, paired with appropriate napkin folds.  Well, what better time to learn something new than now!?  Learning new things is always reinvigorating.  Here's hoping for a slightly productive and restful break.