Monday, September 29, 2014

Retreat! Retreat!

Yeah, I retreated back into myself.  I suppose this post is a bit more somber than what people usually expect from me.  I took an involuntary hiatus from my blog after a car wreck.  It's taken me longer to sort through insecurities, frustrations, and stress that has come with it than I would have liked. (At least it wasn't my fault; I might not have ever slept again!) And paperwork.  I think they are physical manifestations of worry.  My stomach still turns a little when I see my stack of records, waiting for everything to be resolved. But, I am blessed.  I am still whole and intact, regardless of those small flecks of glass slowly working their way back to my skin's surface months later, or those involuntarily flinches I get when I feel cars too close in my periphery. (I think those are worse in the passenger seat, since I feel I have no control of movement, a sort of helplessness.)  And I have a new joke to share with my husband, as he lovingly reminds me to take my gummy vitamins - the source of my mutant power to escape totaled cars with relatively minor injuries.  But, I am blessed.  I have gotten to wake up since then, numerous times.  My family and friends have been a wonderful support through this, as has my faith. Time to sound the charge, and get back to the world.