Monday, May 5, 2014

A Pail List, Revisited

Spring break has came and went, and what a busy time it has been.  I think in all fairness I should take a look back at that pail list o' mine I discussed earlier and see what actually happened.

My Pail List for Spring Break 2014

  1. Start my first soutache project  Success!
  2. Try at least one new recipe Did it!
  3. Make headway in reorganizing and spring cleaning the kitchen
  4. Read Oh yeah!
  5. Learn to fold napkins
  6. Continue to kick butt Mission Accomplished
 1. Soutache Project
Two broken needles, another one severely bent later, my first soutache project.  I worked it up following directions from the appropriately named book, Soutache by Anneta Valious.  It was more complex than I orginally thought and definitely takes a slow and steady approach.

2. Try at least one new recipe.

I tried two, and both were mediocre.  They all can't be winners. C'est la vie.  Trying and being underwhelmed is way better than that burning curiosity I would be living with had I not.

3. Make headway in reorganizing and spring cleaning the kitchen.

Whelp, I'd like to say I gave it the old college try, but no one likes a liar.  I take that back, I did some reorganization, but not quite as much as I had wished.  I finally got my pot rack installed!  Oh, honey, I almost did a cartwheel.  It only took 8 months to find someone with the time, tools, and know-how, but I am in absolute lurve with the results.  The other project I managed is a simplified version of something floating around on Pinterest.  My one bulging silverwave/tool drawer is sighing in relief, and frankly has saved me tons of time already.

My matryoshka measuring spoons are happy on their own personal hooks, and measuring cups are super easy to identify and snag.

4. Read

Oh yeah.  That happened in spades.

5. Learn to fold napkins.

It kind of happened.  I've learned I need bigger napkins to fold properly.  After multiple, multiple attempts, I managed a bunny with the biggest napkin I had, but I can tell it would be much easier if I had the right linens.

 Back to the drawing board.

6. Continue to kick butt.

One of my best friends tells me I had this covered from the beginning.  Who am I to argue?