Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Goodbye, old garlic press.  I will not miss half the cloves mashed inside.  I will not miss picking the detritus out of your holes with a toothpick.  

This is my new friend, the Garlic Twist.  I was introduced to Mr. Twist in early spring in an issue of Food Network magazine.  It was a review of salad gadgets, and it got pretty high marks.  I had a tough time finding them in stores, so I turned to my good faithful buddy, Amazon.  I was pretty surprise when I got it.  It's much bigger than I expected; I was thinking a little guy from the picture in the magazine.  Nope, this guy is a handful.  But that's not a bad thing.   

As you can see, I went with the red model.  American made, they come in translucent blue, red, and clear.  

Fully closed, you can give your garlic clove a good whack to make the skin easy peeling.  Open it up, and place the garlic on either side of the plastic teeth.  Position on your lid, and start twisting.  Admittedly, the first crank or two is the hardest because you are breaking the garlic down from the solid piece.  But once you muscle through the initial twists, you can crank it easily.  Longer you twist, finer the garlic mince. Open it up, and you'll find your garlic in two neat little triangles, ready to be scooped out - which is easy with a fork.  And it's easy to clean.  Did I mention, I really hate picking garlic out of presses?

Company Website: www.garlictwist.com (As of posting, the website is going through reconstruction)
Price: Under $20 USD

Note: If you have a hard time gripping, another company makes a similar product, but instead of the solid hard plastic construction, it has metal blades in place of the plastic teeth.  I've seen them in a kitchen store when I was looking for these.  If they work as well as these, you'll be pleased.

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