Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm one happy lady, folks. Last night, I slipped on Amazon and bought myself a new digital camera. I am so excited, I can not wait for it to get here - so much so, chipped in for 2 day shipping. But that was to mainly ensure its arrival before next week, when my DH and I are slipping away for a day to Biltmore Estate. If y'all are ever in the corner of the woods that brings you close to Asheville, NC, I highly, highly recommend a visit. Simply gorgeous! But I digress, it will be replacing my old Kodak digi cam...I decided it's fate after eating through 2 sets of batteries and not even making it through a trip to the zoo. My new baby will be another Kodak, but one with a Li-Ion battery and 12 megapixels. Big ol' upgrade from my 3 megapixel cam.

But it also means I might get some photos for this here little blog and spruce the place up a bit. Plus, I might even be able to take pics for my recipes over on Recipezaar. (You'll probably see it referred to as RZ from time to time around here. If you ever take a browse, you can find my recipes by doing a member search for me - Misa) And anyone that might be reading kind enough to have made any pics for my recipes, well, let me give you a big hug. I do greatly appreciate it - and may yet keep appreciating it, pending on how well I take pictures with my new camera.

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