Sunday, May 16, 2010

App Review: Grill Guide

  Gather 'round, kids.  Time to get a bit of a background here.  About a month ago, I put my old 30 gig Ipod photo into semi-retirement.  I have a long drive back and forth to work, and have a hard time picking up radio stations I enjoy listening to.  My Ipod had been my faithful companion, hooked to my car stereo, providing me with music for the ride.  But lately, the charge just wasn't holding very well.  With the stars aligned and tax refund in hand, (plus a really kick butt sale at Best Buy), I came into the modern ages and bought an Ipod Touch.  Don't worry, friends - our old standby is still around.  He keeps my hubby entertained around the house, playing numerous audio podcasts for his delight.  I, on the other hand, am in lurve with all the things you can do on the Touch - especially apps, and there are some nice ones out there for us foodies.

  So, occasionally, I would like to share my thoughts on some apps, and cookbooks (Lord knows, I gots a plenty of them, too.)  Being my first review, I'd like to say, everyone's tastes are going to be different, but I'll try to give my honest thoughts.  I refuse to do stars or number ratings, as that's pretty subjective, as anyone that follows critical reviews for movies and games will tell you.  What I will give you is, if knowing what I know now, would I buy it again if given the chance.  I think that's probably the best assessment I can give.  If I lost you back there on that maze of thought, I apologize, and remember, moss grows on the north side of the tree.

*Claps her hands and signals for a drum roll*  Our first review will be:  Dadoo Grill Guide!

App:  Grill Guide
Publisher:  dadoo
Compatible with Iphone, Ipod Touch, & Ipad
Price as of posting (5/16/10) 99 cents

  I bought the Grill Guide app as this spring has been unusually hot, bringing to mind the summer state of mind at our house.  Grilling.  Admittedly, I leave most of the grunt work to the hubby when it comes to fire and food in the great outdoors of our cement stoop.  But I usually get the question, "How long should I put this on for?" Being that I know little of grilling, I usually pull up recommended times online.

  Of course, there was the epic app frenzy that overtook me when I got the Touch, and started searching for food apps.  Found it recommended on a tech blog, so I tracked it down on the Itunes store and bought it.  One of the big stand-outs for me is the simple, but very visually appealing interface.  Upon opening the app - you get a picture of a hot grill with different foods cooking away.  Each piece of food represents the 7 grilling groups the app covers: pork, vegetables, red meat, lamb, poultry, fish & seafood, and fruit.  The bottom has the app logo, along with touch access to the ruler feature.  The food icons take you to a menu, where you select your food of choice.  Dadoo tells you recommended cooking times, and direct or indirect heat.  With meat products, you'll be given a choice of thicknesses and the appropriate times for each.  Which brings me to the ruler feature - it can be used in the horizontal or vertical position of the Ipod.

Final thoughts:  Would I buy it again? Yes.  But don't buy it expecting grilling recipes.  There are a few tips and ideas on how to cook a variety of foods, but these are for a basic grill.  But it serves the basic function of listing grilling times for a variety of foods and thicknesses, deciding on the right flame, and the ruler function is a nice and handy feature. For 99 cents, I can't ask for much more than that.

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