Monday, May 10, 2010

Teaching an ol' dog blog tricks

I'm glad I started this blog - it's pushing me to step up to the plate and become a better, albeit very amateur, photographer.  One of the key things I've learned - natural sunlight is definitely best for illuminating subjects.  Working late hours lately, and cloudy weather for the next week, I've decided to put off taking a picture to go with every recipe - at the posting.  I do plan on going back and adding photos for recipes as I can.  I've got a lot to share, and I don't want to impede the info flow just for the sake of having a picture upon posting.  I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I don't just want to slap sub-par stuff out there.  Nosiree.

There's some catching up to do around here, and hopefully this will make the site more useful to any readers.  (If y'all are out there...*giggles*)  Look for another info page coming soon - on measurement! 

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  1. Misa, in the absense of sunlight, if you can get a good lamp and set it off the side out of frame and point it at the dish that will also help get even better lighting on it. Not to mention adjustable light source that you can move around. Need to get a way to diffuse the light. Perhaps I can see if one of the local theatres have some old diffuse gels laying around and see if we than then craft a rig to hold that gel up.. Or just get Jason to be useful. :)