Sunday, June 13, 2010

Checking In

Evening folks - I know, I've been quiet this week.  School ended on Friday, but I turned around and immediately started a teaching mathematics methods course (or maths if you're of the persuasion).  I'm at the halfway point, and will be attending the last session on Friday.  It's been very enlightening, but I'm secretly looking forward to the end so that it really, really feels like I'm out for the summer.  That, and I'm soooo jealous DH is going to be home for E3, and I'm going to be sitting in class this week.  (For the non-geeks out there, E3 is a huge conference where the newest tech and video games are announced and previewed for us geeks to drool and fall all over ourselves until we get in our hot little hands.) 

Right now, my kitchen smells of basil.  I whirled up a batch of spinach-basil pesto and awaiting the pasta water to boil.  I've not tried this recipe before, so hopefully it'll come out well.  Boy howdy, I tell ya, if you've not made it and you have a food processor, do yourself a favor; arm yourself with a good pesto recipe and make it at home.  It totally blows the stuff you buy at the grocery out of the water. 

Well, that beep means my timer is done and food needs to be finished prepping as to be consumed.  Omnomnom...

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